14th August 2020

Birthday parties often finish with more than a lolly bag at the end – there can also be a mixed bag of emotions that go along with it – and they’re not always sweet! We unpack the perfect birthday party prep plan and show you how to put on a party that everyone enjoys – even you!

Whilst it’s a great opportunity to get together with all of your family and friends to relax and connect with one another, planning, preparing, cooking and decorating for a birthday party is no mean feat. If you’re looking for birthday party ideas but are not sure where to start, whether it’s a kids’ entire school class at the local park or you’re celebrating a milestone, use our step-by-step guide to success.

Notch it up a level

With the right planning and know how, your next birthday party can be a raging success and memorable for all the right reasons. Wow guests and loved ones you share the day with by adding just a little va-va-voom to the celebration.


There are plenty of elements you can outsource too. If your party budget can stretch to include this kind of service, it’s possible to have someone else make and deliver everything, from a show-stopping birthday cake to decorations, drinks and entertainment. Then have the entire event packed away at the end with no fuss!

Take it off site

If you’re looking to ease the load on your own home and find other places to go for kids birthday parties or any celebration, your local shopping centre might just have the best birthday party venues near you. Take a look next time you’re out and about as kids party venues in particular can take the stress and craziness out of the day by offering packages on a pay-per-head basis, giving you more time and energy to celebrate with your child and guests.

Party essentials

We break it down with 5 essentials for throwing a killer birthday party, no matter the age!

1. Choose a theme

The best birthday party ideas start with a theme. This helps with all the decisions that need to be made – cake, decorations, party bags, food and what to wear. It might be the latest kids’ movie craze, such as a Toy Story party theme, or a Disney Princess party. Even making a choice as simple as a colour scheme can bring the entire look together beautifully. 

For other celebrations like an adult birthday party, kitchen tea, baby shower, or even for wedding ideas, many of the supplies and decorations can be made or sourced yourself.

2. Do your research

Even if you’re planning your party at home, take a look online to gather birthday party ideas for inspiration. Kids birthday party venues often have a ‘menu’ of themes and ideas to choose from that you can use to tailor your own event.

3. Start early

Save time and money at the last minute by collecting ideas and elements way in advance. Start stockpiling decorations as they go on sale and make your own table settings, party favours and gift bags well ahead of time.

4. Set the scene

Make a beautiful first impression for your guests on arrival with balloons, tablecloths and tableware to suit your theme. Remember to include music that you and your guests will love and if it’s an evening party, get the lighting right.

5. Include an activity

Not just for kids, a dress up theme or including and ice-breaker or fun activity can get the party started and have your guests mingling like old friends in no time. Giving guests pieces of a puzzle or song lyrics to put back together works well. Or use pictures, shapes or objects from your theme that require them to find someone with the other piece.

It’s time to a little va-va-voom to your party!